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Bicycling - an important part of me.



I see bicycling as a way to open your mind by experiencing the world around you. It is a form of meditation that allows me to clear my mind and truly be in the moment. It gives me a sense of vulnerability and power all at the same time. I wish that everyone could experience cycling as I do, but I know that it is not possible. It is hard to let go of our preconceived notions and fears. We all have them and when it comes to cycling, they have a wide range. From the scared-to-ride-on-the-street novice to the I-have-to-be-cool-lycra-wearing ‘cyclist’, we all have things to overcome to truly enjoy the ride and life itself.

Early Days

12” bike, family rides, wooden ramps (jumps), BMX, dirt jumps, ride to elementary school (15 miles away)

Cross Country Bike Tour

I often get asked why I did such a thing. The simple answer is that I had time and wanted to see the country. I had thought about driving but the cost and speed, I felt, would not allow me to see much other than landmarks. On a bike you not only get to see the country, but get to experience the people. I was lucky to have a great companion on my trip who I was able to learn a lot from. My Uncle Charlie (69 at the time, I was 23), had wanted to do a trip like what I was planning all his life but had not ridden a bike for almost 45 years. A year before we left he started at 1 mile and added a mile everyday until he was riding 40 miles a day. On our trip we averaged about 60 miles a day. He is an inspiration and greatly enhanced what I felt to be a life changing experience. I have met a lot of people who have done similar trips and all have agreed that it changed them for the better. Pretty much all these people want to do more long tours, as do I, and suggest that everyone, given the opportunity, should take a long bike tour. It will change your life!!

If you want to read more about my trip, please check out my poorly written blog. (post were written after long days of riding and I am a bad writer anyhow, so…) FoxBikeTour

Bike Polo

This game is so much fun to play! Check out the Corvallis Bike Polo Site!